Why do we feel the need to travel?

This is a question I often pose to myself. Usually while sitting in the departure lounge of a distant and sweaty airport – facing a 24 hour journey across continents. I mean, of course I’ve had a great time, but now I have to return (like we all do – sooner or later) to reality. Knowing that as soon as I’m back I’ll be planning the next trip.

I’ve put that feeling into a short story I’ve been working on, trying to get to grips with this constant feeling of itchy feet!

“Why do we have the need to travel? Is it because of the sights, and sounds and smells? No – because you can see, hear and smell things anywhere. These things are similar throughout the world. Is it because of the people you meet? No – because the world is full of people, you can meet new and interesting people every day. It’s because of the feeling. When you travel, you leave your own feelings at home and open your heart and mind to the raw struggles of others. You see their pain, their optimism, their hope, their love and it becomes intertwined with your own. You can’t travel to change the world, or even to be part of it – but to feel it. Whether that’s the helplessness of Indian poverty or the first touch of a hand you know you’ll remember.”



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