New year’s resolutions as a teacher

In a few days 2017 will be done and we’ll move forward, bright eyed and optimistic (hopefully) into 2018. I’m sure you have ideas of things you’d like to do better next year; things you’d like to start or stop in order to make 2018 better, brighter and more successful.

However, new year’s resolutions are very hard to keep – one study I read says only 8% of people manage it. So it’s important to pick the right thing; something that is achievable and will have the maximum benefit to your teaching in 2018.

Here’s some ideas you might like to try to enrich your teaching life:

Keep a diary

I started doing this is September and I’ve loved it. I just record some positive thoughts each day, things I’m worried about and things I’m thankful for. It’s great to look back and see what I’ve achieved and how I’ve worked through problems. I’m going to do a dedicated post about this next week. I’ll post the link here.

One midweek night out a week

It’s so easy in our job to take a stack of work home every night. Well in 2018 – don’t. Organise one midweek night out a week – that could be a trip to the cinema or starting that evening class you’ve wanted to for ages. Whatever it is, do something that gets you away from your laptop one evening every week.

Read more

There is a sense of irony in the fact that one of the reasons I became a teacher (my love of reading) has actually stopped me reading. Let’s regain control of this. And no, it doesn’t count that you’re reading The Hunger Games with year 9 – I mean reading something you want, for you.

Say something nice every day

Probably the most corny of all my suggestions here. But compliments really do have a lasting impact on both students and colleagues. This is easy to do, free and could have a massive impact on the people around you. And who knows where that good feeling could stop.

As Banksy says,
As Banksy says, “no act of kindness, however how small, is wasted.”

Be “present” – wherever you might be

If you’re at home with your children, chatting with your mum on the phone, or a school – exist there. Don’t try to multitask and end up doing everything badly. Technology has given us the ability to be connected to our work e-mails wherever we are, but do we need that?

Remember to enjoy it!

Teaching is a brilliant job – I wouldn’t want to do anything else. But sometimes I can be so busy I forget to enjoy the exciting twists and turns of the day. I’m going to make a point of enjoying this to see the positive in each day.


What will you New Year’s resolution be?

What else are you thinking of changing to make 2018 your best year ever?


Happy New Year!


Photo by Nicolas Tissot on Unsplash


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