Creative writing scheme of work (AQA English Language Paper 1 Section B)

This is a creative writing scheme of work I’ve developed for year 10 or 11. It’s designed to prepare them for the AQA English Language Paper 1 Section B, although you could remove these parts and just use it to prepare students for a creative writing task.

It’s also a great excuse to read some great examples of modern writing which I encourage students to borrow ideas from. I use excerpts from: The Great Gatsby, Shantaram, The Bourne Ultimatum, 1984, The Big Sleep and The Goldfinch. You get a good idea about my taste novels from that list!

You can download the first two lessons here:

Creative writing – first two lessons

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It’s totally free, but because these resources have taken a long time to make, I want to keep in touch with you about how you’ve used them and how I can improve them.

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