Reading resilience – a structured worksheet to build up your students’ reading resilience

One of the difficulties of reading is that it’s a number of different skills all intertwined. If a student isn’t practised in any one of these skills, comprehension can break down and they’ll not understand or give up completely.

I’m currently studying for a Master’s in Education. When I first had to read academically again, after about five years of reading mostly fiction and students’ work, I found it really tough. It was a format I wasn’t used to: the language was different and confusing, the sentences were often long and unwieldy and the structure wasn’t based on my entertainment or engagement. But, of course, I persevered, because I was able to break it down into the various skills and get an understanding.


Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.
Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.

With this in mind, I’ve developed this worksheet to help students decode and understand complicated texts and answer an exam style question.

My hope is that by completing it a couple of times they’ll become used to the steps and be able to do it on their own.

Try it now with the text in Latin below. Even if you don’t read Latin (I’ll be impressed if you can) you should, using the steps, be able to link prior knowledge and familiar words to answer the question.

RR Latin image

Could you work out the story using the steps to link to your prior knowledge?

Would this help build up the reading resilience of your students in answering exam questions?


Download as PDF here

Download as Word document here



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Photo by Suzanne Tucker on Unsplash

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