Personal reflections on the last term (Easter 2018)

Every holiday I spend some time reflecting on what has been good and difficult about the last term. That’s one of the great things about teaching – we get regular breaks to take stock, refresh, and power-up ready for the next term.

As I write this it’s the first Tuesday of the holidays, my school broke up on Thursday last week, and I’ve spent that time doing very little. I’ve barely even been on Twitter – which I normally use multiple times every day (I’ve just scrolled through my 250+ notifications). But that’s great. I’ve enjoyed it, seen some friends, eaten some food, drank some beer, and relaxed – that’s important.

I’ve already written about being a self-reflective teacher (click here to read) so in this post I’d share with you how I’m doing that.

Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.
Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.

These were my main objectives for the last term:

Teach creatively 

I always aim to teach creatively. I want creativity to underpin everything I do. Each lesson should be as exciting, interesting and inspiring as it can. Over the last term, I have achieved this in some situations, and not in others. My GCSE group have been my focus as they gear up to exams, we’ve done multiple practise exam papers each which have had to be laboriously marked and fedback on. I wrote about time management for teachers a few months ago and the first point is to be realistic – I’ve had to think about this here. I’m never going to be able to do everything – and so year 11 have had to take priority in some cases.

Write everyday

I have managed to write for 45mins to an hour (almost) everyday – which I’m very happy about. That’s both writing fiction, and keeping my journal (which I’ve written about here). I’ve been sleeping a little less to make time for it, but it’s a paid off! I have now completed the first draft of the novel I’ve wanted to write for years. It’s called ‘Kathmandu’ and I’ll definitely be sharing more with you about it. I wrote about how to achieve a goal outside of teaching here. I’ve had the novel printed and bound (like a dissertation) and it’s currently sat in a drawer at home until I feel I’m ready to revisit it. This has been a real success of the year so far, making that little bit of time every day has made such a difference over a few months.

Engage online daily and post on the blog weekly

I’m pleased that I’ve made time to do this. There have been times where it’s taken a hit  – but generally I’ve hit my target of a post a week and engaging every day.  I’ve seen a good number of people find my posts and resources useful. I now have 4,700 people following my Twitter feed and over 50 people access this blog on a daily basis. That’s great – thank you all so much for that.

The final target I set myself – which in many ways is the most important – spend time valuing my most important relationships.

This is something I feel that I’ll never complete as I’d always like to spend more time with the people who are important to me – I’m very fortunate to have them. As an aim, it’s important, as it reminds me that sometimes putting down the laptop or having a Twitter free day is ok.

With that in mind, I’m going to put the laptop down as my young nephew has just woken up from an afternoon nap.

I will post later in the week about setting targets for the next term – how can I develop these successes to move forward?

Have you met your targets this term?

What has been your greatest success?

How do you make sure you spend enough time with your friends and family?

Do you read thrillers_
Do you read thrillers? I’m looking for beta readers for my first novel.


Photo by Cheryl Winn-Boujnida on Unsplash

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