The Healthy Teacher Project 1 – Interview with Craig Staples

What is The Healthy Teacher Project? 

In this interview, I talk with Craig Staples, a teacher for 24 years. who currently teaches English at a challenging inner-city school.

Craig started in PE, moved over to History when he became an Assistant Principal, now he teaches English with a responsibility for literacy across the curriculum.

I really enjoyed talking with Craig, he talks very honestly about the highs and lows of his time in the classroom.

Listen to the full interview here:

Craig’s top tips:

Find someone you can talk to

“The first ten years of my career I had experienced colleagues that I could talk to. As we were converted to an academy all of those people left or were pushed out. Professionally that left a huge void in my life. There was no one I could really turn to…  If I was going to give any advice it would be to try to get someone who you can share your thoughts with.” 

If you’re an experienced teacher help and mentor younger teachers as much as possible. This doesn’t have to be an official role,  but the difference you make can be enormous.

Prioritise sleep

“Rather than getting into a cold bed a midnight because you’re staying up to get that work finished, get it done in the morning you’re more effective.” 

Never take it personally

“Don’t take it personally, if a student is argumentive there may be something happening that’s out of your control. By not taking it personally that means the way you deal with it won’t be of a personal nature.”

Focus on the transformational impact you’re having

“There are greater demands in every walk of life today, teaching has moved forward at the same pace as everything else. It is really hard work, but it makes a difference. I work at a challenging school and it is the best opportunity the students I teach have of breaking the cycle they are in. I really do appreciate the transformational nature of teaching.” 

Make time to smile

“not smiling and having a laugh with colleagues makes the profession much poorer.”

Could these apply to you to make you happier and healthier?


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