10 great things about being a teacher

I’ve often heard it said that you should write the what that you need to read. This is an article every teacher could do with reading.

Because of the way education is, there’s a lot to criticise – to the extent that we can lose focus on the fact that teaching is a great job with loads of good points.

Listen to this article:


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Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.


Read this now, then save it for a dark day in the middle of term when you’ll need to be reminded of these things.

10 great things about being a teacher (in no particular order):

  1. Teaching is not just about “getting through” material – some of the best lessons come from the conversations you’ll have. You’re dealing with creative, inspiring and lively young people every day.
  2. Every day is different – The challenges and victories you’ll face in a single day will never be repeated, that’s great (but can be scary)!
  3. When you’re teaching, time flies. I’ve been teaching five years and it’s passed in a heartbeat. I suppose this is good and bad, but you’re never sat there wishing the hours away – in fact, you’re usually wishing there were more!
  4. You’ll never truly know the impact you’ve had. I got a glimpse of this at parents’ evening a few weeks back when a parent of one of the quietest students in a pretty raucous class said: “they never liked English before you taught them.”
  5. You are genuinely making a difference. It might be small, but your hard work is making someone’s life better.
  6. As a teacher, you’ll always grow. Teaching is very forward thinking and as a teacher you’re constantly learning, developing and growing. There’s always something you can improve or work on.
  7. Quality and hard work are respected. It can be the case in some jobs that your hard work, experience and quality would go unnoticed. Not as a teacher. It may go unnoticed by your Head of Department or your Headteacher – but it won’t go unnoticed by your students.
  8. You’re learning and developing skills that are infinitely transferrable – if you don’t see yourself teaching until retirement there are so many things you can move on to with the attributes and practices teaching has given you.
  9. The world will always need teachers! Despite some silly talk about robot teachers we will always be needed because we do so much more than deliver content. I saw a great post a few days ago which said, ” my job is filling in for a machine that hasn’t been invented yet” – that’s not the case for us.
  10. To your students, you’ll never get any older. In ten years time your students will think back and remember you (no doubt fondly) and to them, you’ll always be the age you are now.

Why do you teach?

What are your top ten?

Let’s share some positivity!


The Healthy Teacher Project
The Healthy Teacher Project

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

3 Replies to “10 great things about being a teacher”

  1. #1 would vibe with me Luke. I love inspiring folks. Especially younger bloggers. But I enjoy cyber teaching all bloggers. Different ballgame than sitting in a classroom but I intend to create an intimate teaching setting in all I do online. Thanks for sharing buddy.


  2. Well said, Luke. I’ve been teaching for over twenty five years and nothing is more humbling than ex students telling you about the difference you made in their lives. I still feel so excited to say I’m an educator.

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