Spy Stories – creative writing scheme of work

Who’s your favorite, Bond? Bourne? Or do you go new school with Alex Rider or Agent 21?

This scheme of work contains them all. Designed to inspire students to write a section of their own spy story, it covers the typical characters, events, and setting of a classic spy story. It encourages students to consider their sentence structures, make their description engaging, and think about editing their work into a finished product.

Totally free subscription resources (3).jpg

This is one of my subscription resources, meaning I’ll take your e-mail address and then send you the link.

It’s totally free, but because these resources have taken a long time to make, I want to keep in touch with you about how you’ve used them and how I can improve them.

Tap to sign up


Creative writing workshop

Spies session picture

I’m now offering a version of this scheme of work as a creative writing workshop for schools in the UK.

If you’re interested in having me come and inspire some of your young writers then get in touch!

More info here

Or contact me: Luke@LukeRichardson.co.uk


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