Five ways to get the most out of your holiday

The summer holidays are finally here! Yes!


Here are a few suggestions to make every single day of your holiday as good as it can be. They’re only suggestions, some you’ll agree with, some you won’t…

Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.
Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.

Five ways to get the most out of your holiday:

Don’t work!

If you’re like any teacher I know, you’ll have an extensive list of things you could do over the holidays. You could prepare that scheme of work, you could go in and tidy up the classroom or do that display – but don’t.  You’ve worked so hard for this holiday, you need it – enjoy it.


The effect of reading on a young person can have a bigger impact on their progress than their socioeconomic background. That’s crazy, isn’t it? All these policies and campaigns to close the gap between the rich and poor students are belittled by the impact of them reading. With that in mind, I love the idea that we as teachers are advocates of reading, we should talk with passion about what we’ve read, share recommendations and discuss what we learn from reading. The summer holiday is the time to do this. Pull up a chair, open that book,  and enjoy.


If you do this already, that’s great – if you don’t, have a go at it. Hopefully, your holidays will be full of various and exciting activities which you can write about. I share a structure I use to keep a journal here if you’re new to it. Challenge yourself to complete this every day for ten minutes throughout the holiday – you’ll end up writing loads and it’ll be nice to look back on when the nights again draw in and the work starts to pile up.

Try something new

Have a go at something completely new. Or pick something up that you haven’t done for ages. This will put you in the position of your students – mastering something new. Let yourself be frustrated at your inexperience, and with that persevere and enjoy the rush as you overcome it.

Look for stories to tell

I love having conversations with students about life outside of the curriculum and use every opportunity I can to link our learning to something that is happening in the wider world. As you relax or travel during the time off consider the things you are seeing, can you see an example of something you teach in the world around you? Could you use this as a real-world illustration in your classroom? Even if you’re a science teacher asking why the water in the pool is colder in the morning – your students will be so much more engaged in solving a real problem or riddle.


Most importantly, have a great time – you deserve it!


Download my new spy stories scheme of work now
Download my new spy stories scheme of work now

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

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