Set boundaries to protect your creativity


In modern times the idea of boundaries have picked up a bit of a bad rep.

You wouldn’t be blamed if images of a glass ceiling, elitism or even xenophobia came to mind when boundaries were mentioned. This is the notion that there is a boundary stopping you,  holding you in, or keeping you away from something you deserve.

These are boundaries set by other people though – and of course, they can be negative and limiting.

Setting your own boundaries can positive and empowering though. Take this metaphorical example: picture a playground where the children are forbidden from playing near the edge as they are too close to the road. This would cause them to be limited to the middle, with nervous glares from parents every time a ball went astray. Imagine then that a tall fence was built around the playground, providing safety for the children as they run, catch and kick wherever they want.

Some people go missing, others choose not to come back. My debut novel, KATHMANDU, is out now. Tap here to start reading.
Some people go missing, others choose not to come back. My debut novel, KATHMANDU, is out now. Tap here to start reading.


If you’re a creative person like me, then your creativity is one of those children. It’s very easy in a stressful, busy life for that creativity only to play in the small safe area in the middle, never exploring or enjoying to its fullest.

Here are a couple of ideas to put up that fence for your creativity, giving it free rein to learn, enjoy and flourish.

Dedicate time and stick to it

Time is key with creativity, it takes time to get into something, it takes time to develop those skills. That time needs to be regular and it needs to be stuck to. If the boundaries around the metaphorical playground aren’t secure, there’s no point them being there at all.

If you’re struggling with time in the first place, here are a few ideas you might find helpful.

Don’t judge your creativity

I’ve been writing my novel for over a year now, and I’m still going. I keep improving, putting it to one side before looking back at it – it’ll be ready to come out soon. But first of all I need to be happy with it. I think it’s important that I give my creativity that time off before judging it. It means it’ll take a while, but that’s ok.

It’s ok not to share

For the reasons above it’s ok not to share your creative endeavors straight away. If you want to, that’s fine but maybe what you’ve made is too fragile at first to see the light of day. Take some time, tweak, perfect and be patient.

Creativity is its own reward

Something I’ve learned from writing my novel is that being creative is its own reward. I wrote about all the things I learned from a year of creativity here. Maybe one day you’ll be one of the lucky people who can make money from their creative endeavors, but at first, (I think) enjoying the process is enough. This will give you the attitude to enjoy, value and succeed at it.


How do you let your creativity know it’s valued?


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Photo by Nicolas Steave on Unsplash

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