Five reasons not to work during the holidays

During any holiday season, there always seems to be a big split amongst the teaching community on social media. There are those who are using the time to get ahead with their marking, planning or even going into the classroom to get things organized for the first day back.

Then there are those who believe that they work hard enough during the term time and are happy to let things rest until the day before the students pile in, fresh-faced and excited to be back.

Ultimately (of course) it’s up to you how to spend your holiday. It’s your time, do what you like. But there are a few things to consider before you launch into that scheme of work re-design or cut out those giant letters for that display.


Some people go missing, others choose not to come back. My debut novel, KATHMANDU, is out now. Tap here to start reading.
Some people go missing, others choose not to come back. My debut novel, KATHMANDU, is out now. Tap here to start reading.

You have earned this holiday

Just because your non-teaching friends, partner or family are working hard, it doesn’t mean you have to.

While you were at school you stayed up late, got up early. Attended numerous parents’ evenings, that residential trip and worked through more lunchtimes than you can remember.

You deserve to relax, to leave that work behind and focus on you.

Being fresh and relaxed yourself is important

You NEED to start the term feeling revived – that’s what the holidays are for, not catching up on marking.

It’s no use if you’re already feeling jaded when the students come back because you’ve been marking for the last three days.

Having fun will make you a better teacher

Students love to talk about the things you’ve done outside of school. Although they think our lives only consist of marking and planning their lessons, it’s great sometimes to surprise them. Have a day out somewhere interesting which you can tell them about, or spend some time working on that “to read” pile we all have.

A task has the ability to fill the time given

If you give the whole day to a task, it’ll take the whole day. If you give it a couple of hours, that’s how long it’ll take. So leave it until one evening next week, then give it an hour after school.

The work will still be there

Ultimately, if you leave that pile of books in your car, they’ll still be there in a week. You won’t have lost anything, nor will your students. There’s no urgency, take a break and enjoy your holiday!

How do you make sure you enjoy the time off?

Have you taken any work home this holiday?

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