What’s the difference between travel and a holiday? HONG KONG is out now

What’s the difference between travel and a holiday?

I know, I’ve released a new book and sharing abstract question like that – bear with me, it will make sense.

For me, it’s very simple:

When you’re on holiday, you’re in a place that exists just for you to enjoy yourself. I’m thinking of luxurious holiday resorts and beachfront bars. A cold beer in hand watching the sun melt into the ocean…  yeah, I know it sounds amazing right now.

Travelling, on the other hand, is seeing a place that exists anyway. You being there makes very little difference to the people who make that place their home. You’re there simply to observe, taste and feel the different place.

Of all the places I’ve visited, it’s the second I enjoy the most. I’m incredibly grateful that I’m lucky enough to go and see how other people live their lives. This was never truer than in the setting of my book which is released today, Hong Kong.

It’s hard to describe a city like Hong Kong in a few words. But it’s vibrant, lively, noisy, diverse and certainly at the moment, conflicted. It’s a city of towering glass and shining chrome, but also of poverty and desperation. It’s a city where modern consumerism sits alongside ancient Chinese culture. And, as such, it’s a fascinating place for Leo and Allissa’s next adventure to play out.

If you want to visit, you don’t even need a ticket, just start reading today!

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Here are a few of the pictures I took whilst visiting in 2017:


And here’s the blurb:

Hong Kong

When Jamie’s colleague and former lover goes missing, the police start to ask questions. After a panicked call comes to light and traces of blood are discovered in his car, the net closes in. Sure, a body’s not been found, but there’s plenty of evidence to land Jamie behind bars.

Back from Kathmandu and working together to find missing people, Leo and Allissa take the case. All they have to do is find a woman who’s supposed to be dead to free a man charged with murder. But, when the investigation leads to the backstreets and building sites of Hong Kong, things get more difficult than either had imagined.

As predator becomes prey and lives become expendable, Leo and Allissa must face one of the city’s most dangerous men as well as ghosts from their own past.
With a man’s freedom hanging in the balance and their relationship under strain, can they find what they’re looking for before it’s too late?

HONG KONG is the second of my international thriller series. If you like fast-paced mysteries, then you’ll love this compulsive sequel.

Pick up HONG KONG to continue this series today!

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Thanks so much, enjoy the adventure!

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