Detoxify your mind – The Healthy Teacher

Thousands upon thousands of words are written each week about what you should or should not put into your body. This additive may be poisonous, tonka beans may have pretentious side effects, carbs after midday may fill you up.

There’s plenty more where that came from – creating an abundance mindset in the classroom.

Everyone in education should have an abundance mindset. Teaching is endless, it never stops, no one is fully educated - knowledge is possibly the most abundant commodity. Does everyone in education have an abundance mindset? Well that's not for me to say - and to talk about it would go against the point of having …

How personal failure has helped me understand my students

Failure is something we deal with every day, especially in teaching. If our students fail, we've failed.  In the current educational climate that never been truer. But, it can be easy to forget how it feels on the other end of the learning front-line. Putting everything into each assignment, only to be told you've (sometimes) got …

Time management for teachers

When is your work as a teacher finished?  Well, never. Teaching is never done. There is no point at which you have done everything possible, there will always be something more you can do. Add to that a desire to do the best job possible and see students succeed, and what you're left with is very little time for anything else.