Being a teacher AND realising a dream (in my case writing a novel)

Firstly, let me get something clear, I love teaching. When you've thoroughly planned a lesson, it's going well and the students are on board, there's nothing better. This is not a post (the sort you sometimes see) by people jaded with the profession about a "plan B" or "getting out while you still can". This is about being able to do something you really want to, as well as be a great teacher.

Time management for teachers

When is your work as a teacher finished?  Well, never. Teaching is never done. There is no point at which you have done everything possible, there will always be something more you can do. Add to that a desire to do the best job possible and see students succeed, and what you're left with is very little time for anything else. 

Use this descriptive structure to focus your students’ creative writing

Teaching students to follow a structure when being creative is something I try to avoid - the last thing I want to do is put a limit on their creativity. However, there is a trend when students are marked on descriptive writing (like in section B of paper 1 of the AQA Language exam) for …