Set boundaries to protect your creativity

  In modern times the idea of boundaries have picked up a bit of a bad rep. You wouldn't be blamed if images of a glass ceiling, elitism or even xenophobia came to mind when boundaries were mentioned. This is the notion that there is a boundary stopping you,  holding you in, or keeping you …

What do YOU want to be when you’re older?

One of my favourite things about teaching is the conversations with the students. The unstructured, random ones that spin from their learning in all sorts of weird, wonderful and insightful directions. Often, I'll finish a lesson a few minutes early just to make time to spend a few minutes to talk, it's always well worth …

Time to stay or go? Try this litmus test to see if you are at the right school

As we get towards the middle of the year, teachers across the country will make the decision to stay at their current school or go elsewhere. Of course, starting a new job is challenging, you've got to work out where the toilets are and learn how to use the photocopier. But as a teacher, those …

New Year’s Resolutions for SPAG – Lesson on common spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Will be cracking this lesson out again next week!

Luke Richardson

A great lesson for the first week back in the new year. It’s a reminder of common spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.


Created by Joe Kirkham, thanks for sharing.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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New year’s resolutions as a teacher

Still as relevant a year on!

Luke Richardson

In a few days 2017 will be done and we’ll move forward, bright eyed and optimistic (hopefully) into 2018. I’m sure you have ideas of things you’d like to do better next year; things you’d like to start or stop in order to make 2018 better, brighter and more successful.

However, new year’s resolutions are very hard to keep – one study I read says only 8% of people manage it. So it’s important to pick the right thing; something that is achievable and will have the maximum benefit to your teaching in 2018.

Here’s some ideas you might like to try to enrich your teaching life:

Keep a diary

I started doing this is September and I’ve loved it. I just record some positive thoughts each day, things I’m worried about and things I’m thankful for. It’s great to look back and see what I’ve achieved and how I’ve worked…

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How to relax as a teacher

A year on this still stands!

Luke Richardson

It’s Christmas eve 2017 as I write this and we’ve made it to the holiday! What a long term. But, walking back to my car through the school car park on Friday I noticed colleagues loading box upon box of work into their cars – as if they’re not taking time off, just working from home for two weeks. Why do we as teachers find it so hard to relax? To leave work at work and truly unplug?

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Here’s a few things you could try to unplug this holiday, the students will thank you for it when you’re refreshed and re-energised in January.

Leave all your work stuff in the boot of the car – or at least somewhere out of sight.

Don’t spend the holiday looking at the pile of books that you’d like to have marked for…

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